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Originally Posted by Scary View Post
What kind of boat were they on.
I can't remember the brand, but it's a 22 footer...similar to a small Parker.

Originally Posted by Alaskan Sea-Duction View Post
Do you think these folks would be alive today if they wore PFDs?
Yes, the guys from the 32 footer would probably be alive. I saw an interview on the news with the survivor explaining how one friend was alive, but sank underwater after just a few minutes. He had to paddle for 25 minutes to get to the island.

Here's link to the video interview.


Here's an excerpt from an email from my friend, Seon, on his capsize. (emphasis mine)

My accident was a real eye opener to respect those “rogue” waves at Bodega. It was a very close for me on that day. I was trapped in the house and was knocked back when the second wave hit. The two guys were fortunately thrown clear because they were towards the stern while I was at the helm.

There was minimal boat damage but the electronics and motors were totaled. Fortunately my insurance covered the salvage cost (over $7800) as well as the agreed value of the boat. But shy of the cost of the electronics. Upside was that all of us survived. BTW that 32 footer capsized exactly at the same location as my boat.

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