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RE: Your favorite SE Alaskan cruising waters

markpierce wrote:Passed by Fords Terror four times, but cruise ships can't/don't go there.* Supposed to have gone to Tracy Arm a couple of times, but*first time the fog was too thick to enter, and the*second time it was too full of cruise ships

The funny thing about the fog is, once you cross the bar, and get around the first big bend 95% of the time the fog lifts.* By the time you get to South Sawyer it's normal for the sun to come out. Don't know why, but after years of going there every day in summer, it's a pretty common thing.* As for cruise ships, about the only place they present an obstacle is when crossing the bar, and at that, I've only had to wait a hand full of times.* Once in the fjord, they move so slow that getting by is simple.* As an aside note, we ran an average of 20 knots most of the way through the fjord dodging iceburgs.(in a fiberglass boat) It's big fun, kinda like ski racing. The tour schedule was such that if we didn't, we couldn't make the trip.* In the 15 years the tour has been running, it's never been a problem* Once in the pack ice though, it's dead slow.* Often times I would look for an iceburg with a V shaped notch, and stick the bow of the boat in it.* It then worked a bit like a snow plow, but I stopped doing that after getting a new boat with a flatter bottom that instead rode up on the burg and got stuck.* Before it was over, there was a bent prop, but it's all part of the game...........Arctic Traveller

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