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Re: Someone stole my dinghy!!

I put mine in an empty slip 2 slips down from me. I woke up the next morning and there was a new boat in the slip and my dinghy was gone. So I figured the new occupants must have moved my dinghy. And they said there was no dinghy in the slip so we finally figured that someone did indeed abscond with it(I always try to find a way to use that word). Well we filed a police report and it was over insured so we were already shopping new dinghies. I decided to take the Prairie Dog for a ride by myself. I was cruising Clear Lake and I see a dinghy way off in the distance coming toward me. It was way too far for me to get an ID on it but I kept going towards it just for sport. It gets closer and still nothing to ID it. Closer yet and it is getting interesting. I get right up on it and it is our dinghy with 4 young kids in it(14,14,12,12YO). I am up on the flybride along side them asking questions of where the dinghy came from. I tell them to take it to shore now and am on the phone with the Seabrook PD. They are smart enough to realize that the phone to my ear was likely connected to the Police and they hit the shoreline where a dock was, tied the dinghy up and scurried like cockroaches into the neighboring apartments. The cops showed about 1 minute later and just missed them.

We still own the dinghy and have a fondness for it. The funniest part about this whole thing is when I went over to reclaim the dinghy, in his haste, the youngster that tied it up had tied a perfect bowline knot in about 3 seconds.....wasn't his first time around a boat!!!!!

The original Mercury motor has since been stolen and replaced with a Yamaha and everything locked down like Ft. Knox.
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