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Don't know if they've since changed the requirements, but when we were boarded by the USCG some years back we were told that unless one is actually wearing an auto-inflate PFD like a Mustang vest, it does not meet the PFD requirement for the vessel. In other words, just having them on board is not good enough.

As opposed to Type I and II PFDs which simply have to be on board in a readily accessible place to meet the PFD rerquirements.

So if one has a set of auto-inflate vests on board and is counting on them alone to meet the PFD requirement for their vessel, if they are not being actively worn they do not meet the requirement in the USCG's eyes and are the same as having no PFDs on board at all.

If the regulations are no longer this way, then please correct me.

(I know the USCG is exploring the notion of changing all the PFD designations and requirements.)
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