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Originally Posted by Boydski View Post
Hi Ski,

That's not completely true of modern electronics. For example on the Mathers Controls on my boat, control can be taken at any of 3 stations by holding the take control button, which will immediately stop propulsion unless the station taking command advances the throttle. To get command back to the original station, the operator would have to do the same, press and hold the take command button.

To the OP, air controls are very reliable and it does take some getting used to the time delay when backing down on something and switching to forward (as you count, one-one thousand, two-one thouseand....)
I'm no expert on the electronic controls, but on a couple of boats I tried to take command on second helm while primary had the boat under way. The thing beeped at me and refused to do anything. I had to run below, put active helm in neutral, then run back up and hit the take command button. Then it worked.

Maybe there was a way to do it, maybe I did not hold the button long enough. Maybe more modern controls have changed that feature.

But in either case, it certainly is not intuitive. I guess you could just hit the engine stop buttons..

Never a problem with cable or hydraulic, all helms are active at all times, no thinking required.
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