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Compressed Air on your boat?

So first post here of probably what will turn into many. On this new to me vessel I have discovered 3 air compressors. One on the main. One on what used to be the genset/aux motor. And one electric 32V (of course). So I have an air operated throttle for the main at the helm station. And a air operated gear shift set up. Upper helm is cable throttle linkage to the engine and a second air shift for the transmission.
So, the question is what are the alternatives? I know I can go dual station cables like I had in my old outboard. I can leave things alone (it all works and I understand it oddly enough) or I can switch to???. How reliable are some of the newer electronic controls I see? Is there some other way short of putting one of the kids downstairs and shouting down the ladder SLOWER! SLOWER! NOW REVERSE AND GIVE IT!
So what is on your boat and how happy have you been. Past problems with the system you are using. How much maintenance. And it is an old 671 so no, tapping into the computer is not an available option.
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