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Originally Posted by kulas44 View Post
The problem with DDs at very low power is that they tend to "air cool" themselves. The blower moves lots of air, which is a good thing for a diesel engine, but it tends to over cool the cylinders and pistons. This causes incomplete fuel burn and loading up, mostly the air boxes get loaded with "crap" and it starts getting pulled into the cylinders causing even cooler temps. This over cooling has nothing to do with the engine coolant system or thermostats. Higher temp thermostats wont help, warmer intake air helps some. Correctly sized DD engines, sized for the job at hand, is the best and most economical way to use these engines.
Thank you for the enlightenment. I always figured that my engines at that rpm were running at about 35%-40% load (60hp out of 160hp rating) which was probably too low. Perhaps they'd be happier, and not suffer from the problems that you mentioned, if they were pushed to about 60% continuous instead.
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