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Originally Posted by C lectric View Post
The junk in the water is down from years ago BUT there is still plenty of it. Visit my marina and you will see what I mean.

Right now I would not move the boat even if I wanted to. It's not little stuff, that I would push through, but logs, many of which are big.

I put up a post earlier this year on the Cruising-West Coast section of this forum called Stuff in the Water. I included some photos I'd taken of the Fraser River.

While dry sorting may have reduced the amount of debris, there is still tons of it, brought down by the rivers, escaped from log rafts and the raft make-up areas like Beaver Cove up by Port McNeil, and lifted off the shorelines on a high tide.

More than enough opportunities to take out a prop or a strut or a rudder or a hull still today.
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