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RE: Abandon Ship Bag

I carry the Grizzly because It is the same frame design as the old colt model 1911. I can take it apart and reassemble it blindfolded
I am quite proficient with it. I hand load the rounds myself and I load it pretty hot, using the largest wadcutter bullets I can find, usually the 220 grain. Wadcuttes because they mushroom real nice if you load them hot enough.
I haven't had to use it on a charging griz but next to the Casul it is the largest caliber I can find.
When I first got the gun I shot a 55 gallon drum full of dirt with it at about 25 yards and actually moved the barrel. As a semi auto I can get a lot of lead down range real quick.

I agree Shotguns are better but they are also a hassle to lug around. I have a quick release holster and am comfortable with the griz strapped under my arm.

Thanks for the advice I spend a lot of time in the bush in bear country.*
I worry more about black bear than griz.* Black bear are in my opinion evil they will actively hunt you.

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