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RE: Coolant recovery

Peter B wrote:

Marin, I'm not clear as to why, (assuming I got motivated, and wanted to convert the dreaded L120 header so it would suck the coolant back), why just replacing the cap with one of the same relief pressure, but the right return valve assembly, would not work.
From what I was told by the Smith's at AD, the issue is both the cap and the inside of the neck.* The original neck insert-- which you have to carefully cut out and remove at which point the new neck insert that comes with the kit is put in--- does not work with a return-flow cap.* The original system--- neck and cap--- only allows coolant to be blown out under pressure.* It will not allow coolant to flow back in under vacuum (or gravity).* So you have to replace both components.

It's been years, to be honest, since I looked at the components in the kit so I can't recite off exactly how the configurations differ.* But the new neck insert is as much a part of the conversion as the new cap is.* Simply putting a recovery bottle on the end of the existing overflow tube will not result in a recovery system.* All you'll do is fill the bottle over time.* In fact, I do recall that part of the installation instructions include blocking off the existing overflow tube.* So the recovery system doesn't even use that tube or connection at all.

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