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RE: Coolant recovery

Marin, I'm not clear as to why, (assuming I got motivated, and wanted to convert the dreaded L120 header so it would suck the coolant back), why just replacing the cap with one of the same relief pressure, but the right return valve assembly, would not work. After all, the coolant forces its way out past the lower seal, is trapped under the top of the cap in the neck, so flows out the tube in the neck and down and in my (our) case, out into the fresh air, or your bottles. Why would it not just be sucked back, retracing its route out, as it were, with the proper type of cap, and a tube from the outlet into a vented bottle? Why does the tank neck need the extra sleeve?
I'm sure you will have a good explanation - it's just I can't imagine why so far.
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