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Actually, I just didn't want to post a ridiculously long message that would bore most people and would be mostly of interest to one particular person in a forum (I can be long-winded, my wife warns me about that all the time).

We're moving from the east coast to the PNW in a couple of weeks. Because of very bad past personal experiences with trucking boats, I really did not want to transport my boat 3000 miles, though I also seriously (but platonically) love it and didn't really want to sell it either. I listed it for sale as a possible alternative to trucking (and would have bought another one like her in Washington). I had a couple of offers, but it didn't happen (probably because I really didn't want to sell it in the first place).

Despite my extreme anxiety and reticence about trucking a boat across the country, Endurance is now wrapped up and about to be loaded on a truck, and I'm no longer thinking of selling her. Both we, and the boat, will arrive in the PNW in a couple of weeks (and then after going through the aggravation of the move, I'll never sell her, it will be up to my wife after I'm gone).

BTW and FWIW, I also like and respect Nordic Tugs very much, and probably would've bought one if American Tug wasn't around. I just personally prefer the AT as a better fit with my own priorities and desires.
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