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RE: Coolant recovery

FF,I don't think there's air in the system unless the coolant level is quite low. Air rises and should be at the top of the headed tank. If the flow through the header tank became strong enough of course air would be mixed in but I can't imagine engineers designing a system that would pump itself up w 25% air???

Those American Diesel guys are (as you suspect) dead wrong. You need to get out more *....find some better sources of information. I recomend Harbor Marine in Everett or Gallery Marine in Seattle. Also the shop on Nickerson (where Norm Dibble used to work) I think is good. Nix on Stewarts in Ballard. Obviously level w the top of the header tank works fine as thats where it is on cars and there's lots of cars. But higher does work even better. In theory lower should work fine too but in practice it does not.

All I can see of the salon settee is the cushions. Sounds like a good place though. As long as there's not much horizontal run of the tube.
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