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RE: Coolant recovery

nomadwilly wrote:

If your Lehman cooling system is close to sucking air and causing "air pocket" problems when operated normally as Peter B describes you need to correct the bad design. .....And when you install the recovery tank make sure it's above the cooling system (radiator) cap. Many of those things have trouble "sucking" coolant back UP to the header cap. So basically the higher the better.
No, I think it's a long way from sucking air.* The header tank blows out a small amount of coolant when it's full and then it doesn't blow out any more after that.* I just like to keep things topped off is all.

Interestingly enough, Brian and Bob Smith at American Diesel have told me that they recommend that the recovery bottle be mounted very low in the engine room, considerably below the level of the header tank.* I don't believe this idea is the best and when I get around to mounting our tanks I'm going to mount them the same way they have been in every vehicle I have owned---- at the same height as the coolant tank so that the nomal "full" level in the tank is even with the 1/3 full level of the recovery bottle.

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