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RE: Coolant recovery

"A header tank or the coolant recovery setup would give 25% better cooling for about $20."

I don't see how and you give no reason whatsoever. In my case the exhaust manifold is the "header tank". Like old cars w a large header tank on the top of the radiator. The advantage of the coolant recovery system as I recall is to limit oxygen in the coolant system and thereby reduce corrosion.

If your Lehman cooling system is close to sucking air and causing "air pocket" problems when operated normally as Peter B describes you need to correct the bad design. A Murphy Switch and/or a coolant recovery system would be a high priority on such an engine. You check it every time you start??? Sounds like you're quite concerned. And when you install the recovery tank make sure it's above the cooling system (radiator) cap. Many of those things have trouble "sucking" coolant back UP to the header cap. So basically the higher the better.
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