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The most memorable example of this was an old Bertram 54 with 12-71 Detroits. It was old and water logged and owner had packed it full of junk. When I ran it it would kinda sorta plane at 2100 and make about 19kts, full tabs. That was in sea water. I did not dare run the motors harder than 2100 as I feared they'd blow.

Came in Cape Fear river from offshore, hit the fresh water and boat started settling. Down to about 15kts and plowing like crazy. Still at 2100. Had to shove it to the pins to get back up and then 19kts was then 2150.

Couple days later came back out to sea and it was back to 19kts at 2100.

Unique example as boat was right on edge of falling off plane on a good day.
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