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Trawlerfest in Balt

We went to Baltimore Saturday and Solomons last year.

I guess there were about 50 boats this year, all brokered from what I could tell.

There was a Nordhavn 47 this year and a Diesel Duck 462 (I believe it was "Peking") at Solomons. Just seeing them inside and out was worth the price of admission.

I didn't attend the trawler crawl. Can the general admission attendees participate?

>>We were dissappointed
Overall, I was too. It was as if 50 real estate agent were hosting 50 open houses on the same block. And if your not a buyer...

Chatting with owner/operators at a trawler crawl would be what I would be looking for in a Trawler Fest... along with the brokers/vendors of course. Being hastily escorted through one of a nearly matching pair of $3M yachts (too specific?) by a broker who recognized us as more tourist than buyer was kind of... uncomfortable.

Dreaming about building an Aluminum Kasten Coaster 40 (stretched to 45?/workboat interior?) in NoVA

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