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Originally Posted by CPseudonym View Post
I am in the market for a new generation anchor right now(actually windlass, roller and rode too) and the above statement of Marin's is honestly where the rubber meets the road for me. Prior to shelling out a boat buck on a chunk of steel to drop overboard and hold my boat in place I want to know that I know the dang thing is made out of what the manufacturer claims it is. A credibility issue exists with some brands of high dollar anchors that has not manifest itself with other brands. Rather than assurances some offer now, I prefer one that hasn't dropped the ball at all.
I think the Rocna debacle was unusual in that the manufacturer lied about what they were doing and I don't think there are many more completely unethical manufacturers lurking out there. The Sarca Excel is made of the best material available, as is the Manson if a hoop style is desired. I'm nuts about my Ultra, but they are pretty pricey. If I were advising a friend on the best possible choice at a not unreasonable price I think I would go for the Manson Supreme in weights less than 100#. A 45# is $454 through Fisheries, and while I would prefer the Excel the shipping would add quite a bit. The Fortress is also an option and would be the best holding, but sometimes they just don't fit on the boat.
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