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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
I agree with you there. Our Rocna is an original, made long before Holdfast showed up and moved the production to China. Canadian Metals moved the production from whatever fabrication plant Holdfast had been using to their own, wholly-owned fabrication plant in China, and they say the problems with the early Chinese shanks--- assuming there were any--- have been resolved.

But were we in the market for a new anchor today, while we would still choose a rollbar anchor because, as I've stated before, we think it is the best all-around, multi-bottom design going, we would probably order a Sarca from Australia because we are pretty sure it's made correctly and its performance is right up there with the Rocna's.

We don't like the Manson, partly because of its stupid slotted shank which in addition to the sliding shackle problem makes the shank too tall for a lot of pulpit anchor keepers (bails) including ours. We also believe that the Manson's overall design, while pretty good, is not quite up to par with Rocna's and Anchor Right's.

But we would be somewhat leery of buying a new Rocna today just because the alleged Chinese manufacturing problems in the Holdfast days makes us a bit unsure of the quality today. With the Sarca on the market, it enables a buyer to avoid the "Rocna uncertainty" altogether.
The Super Sarca would be a good choice, and I didn't mention it because of the lack of distribution. However, IMO, the SS overcomes or minimizes two of the problems I see in hoop style anchors. First, it has convex flukes, so debris is moved away from the hoop, avoiding piling up in front of the hoop. Second, the hoop is quite thin, so reduces the burying impediment the hoop imposes. True, the shank is mild steel, but Rex has compensated for that with thicker sections, so net net, the material choice is probably fine. Having said that, if you were to order from Oz, the Sarca Excel is, IMHO, the best design out there and is quite nice looking to boot.
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