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Originally Posted by Billyfeet View Post
Monthly budget sounds great! 100K budget for a boat will get you some quality, older, appropriate equipment. Travel during Dec.-June if no further south than Exumas is a different ballgame than down the "Thorny Path" to the Virgins. If you really want to be in the Virgins, and having lived aboard there for a few years I recommend it, you might want to look for a boat already there. Lots of dreams die on a dock in St, Thomas when the wife steps off from that little dream crutise down the island chain and declares her intention to never set foot on a boat again. Just a thought.
What he said!!
A tip though in garnering aforementioned runaway wives departing other boats is to do what I recommended to a client who came to me from Las Vegas with zero experience with the same goals; I told him, "your really going to need to make lots of friends since you know so little, so the most important equipment we need to equip your boat with is a huge watermaker and three icemakers".
He did, and everywhere he went he would hold up a big bag of ice and say "anybody need ice?" Needless to say he made plenty of friends and unintentionally pulled his next wife out of a little sailboat IN the Windward Passage with that trick. She literally jumped ship on the high seas, and she didn't care that he already had a wife onboard, she was getting off that damn little 30'sailboat.
The original wife died (we don't ask questions in this business) and I sold that boat, which was a Morgan OI 51' and they then bought a big Hatteras and live onboard I think now in St . Martin. Moral of story? Ice. Well, that an perhaps that if your wife is so buxom and blonde that she can be spotted on the high seas from another boat, then perhaps you should had bought a bigger boat, or stayed on land?
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