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Originally Posted by meridian View Post
Sounds like a damper plate, easy to replace if you can slide the Trans back. It looks like a clutch disk with springs around it to absorb the shock of the engine pulses. They rust out, break, and get stuck between the disk and block. That's probably the noise you are hearing.
I have an old Capitol gearbox, After speaking to a mechanic, he tells me that this type of gearbox does not have a damper plate, it is direct coupled.

I am still pulling the gearbox out to check it out, I still have to check out the tappets.

I am still suspicious of the gearbox, but confused as the engine and gearbox ran fine for 2 hours after she released form lockup, I dont know if its a coincidence but she unlocked after i put the gearbox in reverse with the engine off.

The mystery continues
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