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Originally Posted by Xsbank View Post
Sorry, but you said it seized. It's toast. It's likely the number 6 cylinder as that is the worst-cooled of the 6. Pull out all the injectors (easy) and peek in there with a borescope. Chances are pretty good you will see scoring on the cyl walls, usually caused by overheating. If you do, you are a candidate for a rebuild.

Your oil consumption may or may not be related, depends on how much total oil you put in. Like the coolant, it tends to seek its own level quite quickly and lots of 'em toss the first quart/litre quite quickly.

When it's out you can look at the damper plate, which may also be toast, but I think there is no relation in this case.
So, Xs, are you still saying the injectors on a 120 can be removed without pulling the rocker shaft assembly?
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