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RE: Do you regret having a dark-colored hull?

So what part of the world is the boat going to be in?

I would not have a dark color or even a high gloss white on a boat that is not faired to perfection as the dark colors and/or high gloss show up the flaws.* Also a dark color is harder to repair/match then light colors.* Our hull is not faired that well, so I painted it a semi gloss white, which does not show the imperfections and easy to repair/match.* Why do you think ladies use a flat light foundation as it hides their imperfection and make their complexion look flawless? **Talk to your SO/wife as she can probable give you some tips. *

*If in a sunny/warm area then lighter the color but if cloudy/cool area then darker the color.* We have dark sealed teak decks that absorb heat even on cloudy days, and the roof is painted grey to also absorb the sun rays.* Even in the winter on sunny days the dark colors keeps the boat warm to the ;point we have to open windows/doors.* If we moved down south I would change the color to a light color. Also talk to your SO/wife as to color and shades as most tend to change their color to darker in the winter and lighter in the summer.*
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