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RE: Do you regret having a dark-colored hull?

Our fist yacht was white superstructure and red hull. Always looked a treat. The original red gelcoat did not last as well, but the red 2 pack re-paint lasted very well. When we got Lotus 2-packed on the hull a couple of weeks ago, I floated suggestions past the 2iC like Nordhavn grey, red, dark green, navy blue, but she steadfastly stuck to her preference for the original white, so Snow-white she remains. But she does look terrific. However, a sometimes wonder, as a colour does look neat. I don't really think the dark colour adds much to the interior heat. Most of the heat gets in from outside via open apertures, windows etc - just like cars. I've has white cars and dark cars and Queensland is hot - can't say the interior ever seemed any different. I'm not talking about holding the hand directly on the paintwork, mind.
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