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Mr. ps. I understand your frustrations and disappointment BUT there is some good in the situation.
1) You now know the situation exists and are able to proceed.
-I can picture it now...just like it was yesterday.
Somewhere in Taiwan....The workday is ending, it's pleasantly warm and Mr. Woo needs somewhere to dispose his foam off-cuts. The trash pail for foam is on the other side of the yard and Mrs. Woo has a nice piece of fish for dinner tonight. It's not dirty or used foam, just off-cuts. Right here is fine...

"Zai Jian".
2)You now have a new "Have I got a story for you".
3)You now a have a new "void" you can use for whatever (Be creative)
4)You now have the makings or at least the start of the makings for doing THIS (I particularly enjoyed "Making the steam" about the 2:00 mark.):

5) If this type of situation had not occurred to any one of us before, whatever would we have to talk about?
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