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Originally Posted by dannc View Post
There is an article about Flemming and the boats he worked on over the years in the latest Professional Boat Builder magazine that touches on this subject.

Not surprisingly, when Flemming was in the yard inspecting boat builds, they had good quality boats regardless of the boat brand or build location. But if he or someone interested in quality control was not present, build quality suffered. He mentioned having quality control issues on some of the early Flemming brand boats.

Just throwing odd blocks of foam into a space to try to insulate a fridge, freezer or house wall section is just bull scat. It is better than nothing but not by much.

Thank you...

Especially for pointing out the OBVIOUS point I was trying to make.

and also to Capt. Kangaroo for seeing the fallacy that just hearing what some say about their boats and CERTAINLY the utter rubbish that is preached at the boat show and the "boat show" educated crowd can disappoint in the wink of an eye.

True that few boats are "perfect"...heck most are OK...especially at the price point.....BUT....

I would have been happy to cut open my icebox and only find 1 inch of insulation adequately glued to the sides....but to just find random pieces of foam that never appeared to be glued on and the wastefulness and obstruction to doing other runs through that space where 18 inches of random block foam were just tossed in....well that make me wonder about if they had the same mentality with blocks of wood where my stringers are supposed to be.
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