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RE: Do you regret having a dark-colored hull?

I like the look of a dark hull accented by a bright colored bottom paint (only problem with that is you either have to put your dive gear on or actually run the boat to keep it looking clean in the summer!)....Our superstructure is white, Ours does not get to hot in North Carolina....also because its an aluminum hull and the paint was rolled on, it does not show water spots, is easy to repair a scratch, and does not show the diesel soot or yellow water stains...someday I would like a boat yard "yacht quality" paint job, but I have way to many things to the boat as well as my retirment fund to worry about that now. In summary, I will always have a dark colored hull for looks and ease of maintenance. That being said, I would only have a dark colored gel-coat hull if I could pay someone to wax it once a month in our area....
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