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Ford 2704e Locked Up

Hi Guys

My old ford has been running well with an occasional intermittent tuk tuk tuk noise(the noise is synchronized with rpm), then she runs smooth again. No excessive smoking at all, she is old so she does smoke a bit more than the average engine when first started , but as the engine heats up the smoking goes away.
On my last fishing trip at idle the engine suddenly stopped, On trying to restart her the engine was locked up.
first did the following checks.
1.Checked that the prop shaft turns , yes (i have a capitol 2:1 hydraulic gearbox)
2.Tried to turn crank shaft by hand, No go,
3.Checked coolant, looked clean no sign of oil
4.Checked Oil, was a bit low but no sign of water

A friend was close by so after fishing for a few hours he towed me in to the closest marina, an hour into the tow, i tried starting the engine again, low and behold she started, a bit noisy with the Tuk Tuk noise so i turned her off.

After tying up at the marina we checked the crank shaft again by hand for a few turns, she turned over fine, no obvious noise.
I then started her and cruised 2 hours back to my berth, engine ran smooth, no excess smoke and no noise.

I have noticed that she does seem to use a bit of oil, about 1L per 10-15 hrs

Any ideas of were to start looking?

She does not have glow plugs so I could not check for any liquids in the cylinders without removing the injectors.

My thoughts are check the equalizers, behind the trans i believe, for the noise.
Have my injectors reconditioned , Just incase?

The conversion is a Lees Marine, they are quite reputable here in NZ

Any pointers will be appreciated
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