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Originally Posted by caltexflanc View Post
I have seen it in action first hand here in NC, over various bottoms, depths to 300 ft, including wrecks. It is VERY good, especially when also mated to one of the new CHIRP technology transducers, which are amazing if you need to see more and deeper. But then, I am something of a suspicious character myself....
We have had a Structurescan on board since last year, and it is phenomenal in my opinion down to about 350 feet. The bottom detail is incredible, especially on the 800 kHz setting, which is good to about 150 feet. The 455 kHz gets you to 350 feet with only a slight degradation of detail.

It has two viewing options, downscan, which gives a "standard" perspective of the bottom, and sidescan, which gives a "3D" (not really) bottom view of both sides of the boat. The latter is a bit of a challenge to interpret, so I've been primarily using the downscan view.

It truly is a quantum leap forward in seeing the bottom in detail. (I've also seen Garmin & Humminbird versions on display and they look very good as well.)

But I'm not a fisherman so can't tell you how good it is for finding fish.
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