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RE: Dinghy Davit System for A340

and criticize you for cruising the same few miles around your home over and over and over, but I will not go there, for I really dont know so any comment from me would not be fair.

Our ocean mileage , 3 \Carribeab trips and Bahamas winters is on par with most cruisers , but that's in a 90/90.

As a Marine Motorist we bought and converted LUCY to run the loop, and did.

In SW Florida there is little of interest , after a couple of decades , but in New England the abundance of historic places , with grand protected harbors keeps us within 500 miles of our CT home.

So we do go round and round , but instead of simply swollowing the anchor , were looking for a trailerable PNW to cruise the Inside Passage , and hit the land locked lakes , rivers and resivoirs inside the NA continent.

The fun continues,
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