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The Northwest Passage

Fun day downtown for yachtspotters.* The Dione Sky pulled in yesterday, after having just completed the North West Passage.* She's 153 feet, and only carrys a crew of 9.* According to the person I talked to on the dock (crew, guest owner?) in the last year, the boat has been to Antartica, and then headed North to do the Inside Passage. I expected the bow to have a lot of wear from the ice, but I didn't detect any at least from dockside.* Now if I can only find a way to get a job aboard!*

And, the Ocotpus just pulled back into town, perhaps to party with the folks from the Dione, (as they both were in the North West Passage at the same time)* Carrying a submarine and a helecopter among lots of other toys, I bet there is never a lack of things to do aboard.* I think it would be fun to just hang out with the security guys and hear their storys (former Navy Seals) Arctic Traveller

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