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I have two 25 gallon feed tanks (1 for each engine) in my trawler. They are under seats in the mid saloon. Gravity feed to each engine, valved to supply both from either one, but designed to be completely separate. two 400 gallon "bulk tanks" feed two 125 gallon "holding" tanks. The bulk tanks are the only tanks that get new fuel. Its filtered and passed to the holding tanks and filtered again on its way to the "burn" tanks. I can clean 250 gallons to have on the ready. Every tank has large access plates into each chamber and are easy to clean. I dont like Racor filters, not the filter itself but the filter canisters, its a very poor design in my opinion. I prefer the Davco filter setup. Its far superior to even the Racor 1000. I have 3 sets of SeaPro dual filter units, One for each engine (after the burn tank) and one befor the transfer pumps (12 volt and 120 volt gear rotor type). The 120 pump is mostly used for circulating/moving/cleaning fuel. It seems complicated but is basically simple. It does take up a lot of space. But like sail inventory on a sailboat, if thats what moves you then you need to make room for it.
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