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The process of elimination

Well, I took someone's advice on this forum and posted my concerns on boat There I had a reply from a mechanic in Nananimo, BC. He had some great advice and obviously knew his way around these old engines. As luck would have it, we were then two days north of Nanaiamo, heading south. So I emailed his shop and they shifted their schedule to allow Rob the day to go over my engines. He went over them in detail, checking everything that might be the casue of excessive smoke. He set the timing, checked the valves and pressure tested the engines. The result was that nothing helped and the smoke remained. His view is that they are just old and wearing out... Need the dreaded rebuild. So, now I know the situation.

It was important for me to know everyhting has been properly checked and all possible smoke casues have been elimited... leaving only worn/stuck rings or something along those lines.

So, the stop was well worth it. Rob and his service manage we both outstanding... one with the work on the engines, the other with adjusting his service schedule to accomodate mine. (Stone's marina/Nanaimo Yacht Services). Very professional and thorough... I just wish they were in Seattle.

Thanks to everyone here who spent thier time offering infomation and advice. It was all useful and helped in one way or another...
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