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Ah... More very useful information! That sounds like something I might try... The heavier oil that is. I actually happen to have the boat for sale already. It's been on the market for a while now. But being wooden it will only appeal to a few buyers.

I had hoped the new injectors would help with the problem as I'm afraid that the smoking may put off a buyer. Also I did go to the diesel engine blog you mentioned and a mechanic in Nanaimo answered with some good suggestions. As we are now heading south and just coming up on that city I have arranged to have him look at them as we pass through. I'm hoping he can put things right. It may be that just setting everything properly (valves, timing, injectors, etc.) may help and get the engines back to the standard Lehman smoking scenariio. I think the last diesel outfit I used sent out a mechanic who didn't have a clue and so who knows how he left things! Anyway I'm going to be there tomorrow and see what he says...

Thanks for the ideas, though. I may well try the oil. I'll let you know the results if I do....
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