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Thanks to everyone who took thier time to offer an opinion or advice. I was mostly concerned about running the engines hard with the timing out by almost a cog. It seems that the conesus is that damage from that is unlikely. So I can relax about that. But I cannot, as has been suggested just forget about the excessive smoke and oil sheen. Both of those are significant, new this last year and remain after the engine is warmed up.

If it is a still day at an anchorge or marina I am embarassed to start my engines becasue there is now enough smoke that it will just settle in and hang over the area. Enen when arriving after running for hours the engiones are smoking and putting out an oil slick. The intensity is new, just starting the past summer... So something is wrong and I need to get to the bottom of it.

I havce calibrated my dip sticks at the 3 gallon mark. And I always use Delo 400 SAE30. I change the engine and injector oil regularly.

The smoke is grey. It looks almost like steam. And the unburned fuel sheen is what it is.. I don't think it's oil.

Unfortunatly, the mechanic who took care of my engines for many years retired a couple of years ago and I have not been able to find someone to replace him. My latest attemps has just cost me a bundle (for rebuilding the injectors & pump) and did nothing for the problem. And not only is the smoke and unburned fuel sheen still present... and actually worse. Now the engines clack and knock more than they did (I was concerned that was caused by running them hard with the timing off). And one of them tends to be seeking (RPM) all the time. Since the mecahanic who removed and replaced the injectors failed to set the timing I suspect he never checked the valves when the cover was off either. And who knows what else he failed to do... or did incorrectly. I have a big problem with that outfit. But at least the engines have not been damaged by my following their service managers insistance that I run them hard... That was a big concern for me.

Again, thanks to everyone for the ideas and suggestions. I will try the oil cap removal test. And continue to look for a decent mechanic in Seattle... Anyone have one he'd like to suggest?
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