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So here's the deal. As I've said before, every anchor sets perfectly until the day it doesn't, and no anchor drags until the day it does.

When the anchor we put on the boat when we bought it failed to hold when we really needed it to, we got rid of it, did a bunch of research, and bought an anchor that we thought would be more reliable.

We bought a Rocna back when hardly anyone in the US had heard of them. It was the first Rocna (we were told) sold to the PNW. We decided on the Rocna because we felt-- and still do-- that its design itself is superior to all the other anchors out there for the kinds of bottoms we encounter. This includes the Manson and Sarca, let alone the other, more established anchor types. Some of the design features are, in our opinons, only very slightly better than other anchors-- like the Sarca--- and other aspects of the design we feel are greatly superior to the design of other anchors like the Bruce or CQR.

So far, our anchor has never failed to set the first time. So far, it has never failed to hold in every type of bottom and condition we have encountered. The day may come when it fails to set properly, and the day may come when it drags under pressure. But until that day comes, it is the perfect anchor as far as we're concerned and the performance of other anchors is irrelevant to us.

If the day comes that our anchor lets us down, we will then repeat the process and see what anchor out there does better.

We know people with the exact same attitude as ours, only their perfect anchor is a Bruce, or a CQR, or a Spade, or.....

So the anchor tests, no matter who does them, may be of interest to read about, and in the case of someone shopping for an anchor, they may help form a purchase decision. But I suspect that, as a previous poster wrote, in the end they don't change anyone's mind if the anchor they have has been performing to their satisfaction. The tests and theories and speculation in threads like this do not make a dent in our belief that the anchor currently on our boats, regardless of what it might be, is in fact, the perfect anchor.

Until the day it isn't.
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