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Originally Posted by FF View Post
A bit of an oil sheen is no big deal, could be unburned diesel, could be lube oil getting past worn rings.

Either way forgetaboutit.

The amount of fuel will not add up to a gallon a season , and if the oil consumption gets up to a quart in 10 hours (500 miles car equivelant ,) its still cheaper to just by oil.

Have someone that is familiar with your engine to time it , and enjoy.
Sounds like mine

I'm up to aobut a qourt of oil every 50 hours.

I thought the oil sheen was telling me all was normal and as for the smoke, I thought it's purpose is to remind me to close the salon door

I will (may) adjust the valves this winter. and I just changed the oil, so I'm good til spring.

A beautiful engine. i think I'm in love
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