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I did have the oil checked when I purchased the boat in 2002... It was fine. As to the engine hours I have no reliable information. When I purchased it both Hobbs meters were broken. One read 1200 hours and the other 1600 hours. Since then I've put 2000 hours on the engines. And it is a good point that both engines are showing the same problems. It was the end of the summer before last that the engines began to continue smoking after warm up along with more smoke at start up. Also, the oil sheen that is now evident all the time became much more obvious... although it's only visible when we're anchoring or docking. There has never been a period of running unloaded during my ownership. Although that makes me think they are possibly running too cool in general.. One runs at about 170 f. The other at about 180. Could that cause the problems?

Thanks to all those who have replied.. I have a number of useful ideas to follow up on. And the first will be to find a decent mechanic.
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