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the problem with 2 stroke DD is no matter which engine is chosen DD expected you to have the correct engine installed.

About 60% of as built HP is required to get the 16 Hp per gal a DD can do.

Running slower is fuelish , but far far cheaper than an engine swop.

If the load requires 300hp DD expected you to use the 8V if it requires 60 hp DD thought you would chose a 3 or 4 cylinder engine .

If you like the boat , and plan on running way over the usual 200 hours a year , a set of Flow Scan and a GPS will help get the best mpg.

With the turbo and after cooler great low rpm fuel burn is not possible , regardless of the injectors chosen.

The NA series can be helped with smaller injectors and advanced timing, but even 20% better is seldom worth the cost and effort for a few hundred hours a year.

Changing the injectors on a DD is not a R&R anyone can do as with other style of fuel systems.

The valves will need to be adjusted and the injector height adjusted , and then the rack run , to get all the injectors working together.

This takes DD experience and hours , as well as a special $20. measuring pin, and did I mention ,DD experience.
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