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Originally Posted by Ski in NC View Post
Specs for the MC30 give 12-14lph at 14kts. That's 4.4 to 3.8nmpg, not 7. Still good numbers, but not as good as 7!!
Maybe the marketing department did the web page......

"Imagine gliding effortlessly across the water at a 14 to 16 knots cruise while consuming only 2 to 4 gallons of fuel per hour!"

The proof comes from owners. I'm a member of the MotorCat forum, and all the owners cruise too fast for good mpg numbers, always over 20 kt.

But multiple owners of the Aspen proa catamaran using a single inboard diesel got 4 nmpg on their last big PNW outing, while Aspen marketing doesn't claim such good numbers. That doesn't generally happen, real world experience better than the hype.
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