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RE: Dinghy Davit System for A340

COCG47 wrote:

*Any idea how long of a bridle your friend uses, and where the dinghy rides in the wake?* My wake is pretty huge at speed, so I'll need to figure that out so the boat rides correctly through a range of speeds.* Not ever towing a dinghy behind a large power boat, I have no idea.

Any suggestions I give you for those questions would be pretty much worthless as we've never done it.* Perhaps Carey will see this and chime in with his towing experience.

Obviously if the weather is bad enough to generate dinghy-flipping winds and waves that is a consideration.* I don't know what boaters who tow do when those conditions kick up, unless their answer is that if it's going to be that bad they don't go out.*

Keep in mind I'm talking about our inside PNW waters up here.* We do have some large bodies of water that can get very nasty, the Strait of San Juan, the Strait of Georgia, and Queen Charlotte Strait being the three largest.* But for the most part we're boating in relatively protected waters, not that they can't get very. very*mean.* But we have lots of places to run or stay when it gets nasty.

So we're in*a different world than the folks who boat out in the Carribean or in the open Gulf or*off the Atlantic coast.* What works well here may not be such a smart idea there.

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