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RE: Dinghy Davit System for A340

In the slip we store the dinghy on top of the saloon, where it usually stays during the winter. I can also clip it to the swimstep via weaver arm/davits.

When cruising during the summer or for any cruise in excess of 7 days, we tow our dinghy. It usually rides 20 feet behind at cruising speed of 7.5 knots and we pull it up within 3 feet of the swimstep when docking, anchoring or otherwise having to slow, stop or reverse the boat

The dinghy is a Caribe 9 with a 2-stroke 9.8hp Nissan outboard - final weight is 160lbs. The painter is 3/8 poly so it floats. The dinghy has a fairly substantial U-bolt mounted at the bow.

I initially had the towline tied directly to the U-bolt, but did not like the snapping that would sometimes occur if the chop was big enough to cause the dinghy to travel at different speeds from the big boat. So, I added some shock cord 3/8 tripled into a loop and placed at the U-bolt the painter is then tied to this looped shock cord.

We have towed the dinghy in this manner for around 9000 miles in and around the PNW over the last 9 seasons.

The thinking is if it is too rough out, then clip it on the weavers and pull it up.

I have towed it in fairly nasty winds in Georgia straight - up to 7 waves on the nose.

For the most part, the big boat will break trail for the dinghy I have never flipped it, and have only had 5 gallons of water to bail out at worst.

I only have one towing horror story , which was easily preventable.
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