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RE: Dinghy Davit System for A340

Marin- Thanks.* Interesting.* I've had inflatables flip on me in high winds and sea state, and I've also had them ship a bunch of water when being towed behind my sailboats, so it makes me nervous.* Of course, I've never owned a RIB, and I've never had one with a large outboard on the back.* Suspect both would make them track better and also stay upright.* I guess maybe I'm also a victim of being a sailboater where the dinghy slows you down drastically if being towed, which won't be a problem on*this boat.* I'll see how it goes.* I can always stow the dink on my swim platform when in home port, and then rig and tow it when I cruise.* Definitely will need to upgrade my towing bridle for the extra weight.* Any idea how long of a bridle your friend uses, and where the dinghy rides in the wake?* My wake is pretty huge at speed, so I'll need to figure that out so the boat rides correctly through a range of speeds.* Not ever towing a dinghy behind a large power boat, I have no idea.
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