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RE: Dinghy Davit System for A340

COCG47 wrote:

Short of towing it, which I would only do inside the ICW, I don't see a quick way of launching it short of normal davits.
We have never towed anything, so I'm speaking from observation and what I've been told.* But towing can work very well, even with a fairly large dinghy and large motor.* Carey (the lobsterboat owner) used to tow his dinghy all the time as he had no other choice.* When we met him he was towing an inflatable and did this at his cruising speed of 15 knots with no problems that I was aware of.* Then he switched to an aluminum skiff with a 15hp Honda.* The skiff didn't track all that well and was the motivation for designing and installing the davits, which he continues to use with the Bullfrog.

That said, I met a fellw a couple of years ago with a beautiful wood Chris Craft.* I forget the model now but it's one that looks like a sportfisherman.* I noticed he had a 10' Bullfrog like Carey's, which is what we want to get someday, but had no obvious way of carrying it.* So I motored over and talked to him about it.* They tow it, and he told me that they have been boating for decades in all sorts of boats in all sorts of places, and they have always towed their dinghy/shoreboat even if their boat could carry it because of the safety aspect.* He believes that a dinghy in the water is the only useful dinghy there is.

He runs the Chris Craft at a cruising speed of about 12 to 14 knots he said, and the Bullfrog, which is shaped like the typical RIB, tows at that speed like it's on rails.* His had a 20 hp motor on it.* They have crossed the Strait of Georgia many times, some of them when it's rough, and he say they've had no problems towing the dinghy.

So it can certainly be done even in rough-ish water, but we have not yet had the experience of actually doing it.* Something to look forward to, I guess.....
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