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RE: Dinghy Davit System for A340

Thanks Steve.* Appreciate the info.* Having a sundeck like me, you have the same challenges I'm thinking about with the snap davit systems.* My swim platform is only about 3 ft deep, and will be almost inaccessible with the dinghy on it on its side, so I would need to be able to pull it up/let it down*from the sundeck, which would make it almost a vertical pull.* It's a good 5.5 ft from the swim platform to the gunwale, and then another 2.5 ft to the top of the rail where I would be pulling from.* Seems to me this system is far better oriented towards a cockpit boat where you could get some decent leverage to pull it up.* With the angles I would be dealing with, I could see anything glued to the*tubes ripping off from the weight.* A block and tackle system would make it easier to lift, but wouldn't solve this problem.*

I don't want to tow this thing while at sea because of the size of the motor.* I'm even squirrelly about towing it inland because of boat wakes.* Seems to me that it would probably ship a bunch of water.* I'll try and tow it once I have my hands on it to check this out, but I think I would be tempting fate.* Of course, I could tow it without the motor, but then I'm humping it off/on every day.

Appreciate the info.* This definitely helps.
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