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RE: Dinghy Davit System for A340

Thanks for the info.* Did a little web surfing after I got your post, and the Sea Wise system definitely looks like the better system (as compared to the Weaver Lever), but I almost choked when I saw what they want for it - 4 times what I'm paying for the boat.* That puts that out of reach.* The motor is really the rub here, and its size may drive me to a regular davit system, because it is WAY too heavy to hump it, and by the looks of the weaver system, it won't handle anything but a small outboard.* Also need to think about the emergency aspect, although I really*hadn't considered the dinghy*for emergencies.* Short of towing it, which I would only do inside the ICW, I don't see a quick way of launching it short of normal davits.* Lots to think about...*Appreciate the information.

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