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Originally Posted by Wxx3 View Post
Actually the lesson I learned is that i really cannot even move away. I'm simply too slow and the scales are such that for me to be 50 nm east or west of a given point is simply not significant.

To develop an overall plan is fine, but more than that??

I just needed to be more clear as to what I needed
We did eventually get the right information flowing your way after a day or so.

The only chance one has of TRYING to avoid the storm, is if the 48 and 96 hour forecasts are accurate and they were not even close during your trip to Ireland. The only thing one can really do is set a plan with the best data and go from there. And best might be just trying to get out of the worst part of the storm. Key word trying.

Forgetting fuel supply and such for a moment, in the sea state you were in, do you think you could have gone faster?

SPOT was showing Dauntless going from 6 to 8 knots. Was the faster speeds from surfing or engine power?

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