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Originally Posted by Wxx3 View Post

So the top picture is the map I drew on the morning of the 21 st.

The second map is from the 23rd.

I needed to stay ob the east side the the low that was moving ne on the 23rd.
Thanks for posting those charts. I was really curious to see what you were doing with the data.

Originally Posted by Wxx3 View Post
I simply did not appreciate how slow Dauntless moves in comparison to these pressure systems.
It is rather humbling to see the position, course guestimates and speeds of the lows compared to the position, course and speed of Dauntless and realizing that some of the lows were simply unavoidable because they were moving so fast. Now I KNEW the weather moves faster than a trawler but it is a whole new lesson to see the wee little spot on the ocean about to be under a deep low and the best one can do is to try to move away from the worst part of the weather.

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