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RE: RCI fuel purifier?

Yeah guys, when I said "bad fuel" I wasn't talking specifically about "taking on bad fuel."* I mean fuel that is bad in general from sitting too long and condensation, and bad tanks etc.* Maybe that was misleading the way it was expressed...

I just bought Polly P. back in June.* I've put maybe 40 hours on her before blowing up a transmission, so I've been laid up getting repairs done for a month.* During that time I've gone through the PO's logs and I've been disturbed to find that my 40 hours are more than the PO used the boat in the last 2 years.* Therefore, I'm concerned about some junk in the tanks but I've been too busy dealing with the repairs and other tasks that need doing.* Pulled a Racor from the starboard engine a few weeks ago and it was dark but by no means clogged.* I will worry if I get into any type of lumpy seas though until I either inspect or clean the tanks.

BTW, the original '84 tanks were replaced so I have that going for me.
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