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RE: RCI fuel purifier?

Egregious wrote:
I have read the stories and have been told my many that "bad fuel is the leading source of problems on Diesel engines" and so I've spent many hours lying awake pondering the best filtration setup.

I don't know where you read this but I've never seen anything like it in any of the boating forums I read.* On-board tank problems are a whole other deal as sunchaser says.* There are lots of problems with old tanks, tanks that have had fuel sit unused in them for long periods of time, tanks that allow moisture to get into them, tanks that are rusting, and so on.* A tank that has a layer of gunk on the bottom can feed clean fuel to the engine just fine until the day the boater encounters rough water.* The fuel starts sloshing around, the gunk starts getting stirred up, and worst case scenario is it can clog the filter system in minutes and starve the engine.

I don't know if you've read The Perfect Storm but IIRC there is a passage in there that describes what happens when a boat gets into a storm and the tank crud gets stirred up.* They put a crewman in the engine room and he's changing and cleaning filters on a non-stop basis to keep the engine going (commerical boats often have a parallel filtration system so you can send fuel through one filter while you're cleaning or changing the other one, then valve over when the first filter clogs up so you can change or clean that one).

So THAT kind of dirty fuel problem can be a real headache.* But I don't think even it is the leading cause of diesel engine problems.* I think most problems are cooling problems, injector problems, exhaust problems, and heat exchanger problems.* If you lie awake worrying about everything that can happen to a diesel you won't get any sleep

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